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Yantram The Advantages of an eBay Store Empty Yantram The Advantages of an eBay Store

Post  yantram on Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:06 am

If you are wanting to make any serious kind of income from selling on any of the eBay sites, then opening an eBay store should be high on your agenda of things to do. Having an eBay store has many advantages for sellers looking to increase their profits and sales on eBay. Some of the main benefits are as follows:
• Better discounts on listing and final valuation fees.
• Increased exposure in search results, higher placement in the default search results "Best match"
• Easier to relist, revise and manage items on sale.
• Better exposure as your store will have a fixed
• Increased repeat buyers as you are easier to re find.
• Ability to brand your shop and the items you sell creating more brand awareness for your business, a well designed eBay store can also drive traffic to your website.
• eBay shops/stores can be found in Google results, (add keywords in shop page titles, also use meta section in manage my shop section).
There are literally hundreds if not thousands of applications and software programs to help eBay shop owner reduce the time needed to sell and manage selling via an eBay store.
Depending on your buyer ratings of your customer service (eBay Feedback System) you may be able to earn the top rated status, this will increase not only your discount on eBay fees, but will also increase your rank in the "Best Match" ranking when people search for your items, which in turn will lead to more sales and higher profits.
Not opening an eBay store is like selling your items on the street, If the buyer is happy with the goods you sold him, he is likely to come back and buy again however if you have n o fixed location how can he find you the next time he is ready to purchase? They will just go to a seller who is much easier to find. Opening an eBay store gives your buyers a far greater chance of finding you and being able to return again and again.

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